Department for Education and Child Development

Site Improvement Priorities

Staff at Forbes Primary School is committed to ongoing professional development to ensure that our knowledge and skills are current, reflect the directions of the education department and meet the needs of students at Forbes. Each year we identify learning targets in the following areas:

What we teach (literacy and numeracy)

The school places strong emphasis on the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy skills and these areas are a priority for ongoing professional development of staff.  While all aspects of literacy and numeracy are focus areas we target specific areas each year to continually build our capacity as educators and to improve outcomes for students.  Our specific focus in 2016 was Numeracy, with staff professional development occurring in the use of the Ann Baker Natural Maths methodology and collaborative moderation in mathematics across our partnership to ensure consistency in teacher judgements when assessing and to ensure learning tasks are designed to cater for all students’ needs.

In 2017 our specific focus will be in Writing.  Again, staff will be involved in many professional development opportunities aimed to help us improve the writing skills of all our learners.

How we teach (pedagogy)

Increasingly information and communication technologies are used as tools for learning in schools. We are expanding the range of technologies used including laptop and stand alone computers, digital cameras, scanners, and interactive whiteboards. Our focus in on quality teaching and learning and we use the DECD framework Teaching for Effective Learning to guide our work.  Our pedagogy coordinator works with staff throughout the year to assist in the effective delivery of the curriculum.

Who we teach (learner wellbeing)

Learner wellbeing is also a priority and our current work in on

  1. developing a healthy lifestyle (focus on healthy eating and increased physical activity) and
  2. developing positive relationships including anti- bullying.

Forbes Primary School is committed to supporting the wellbeing of our staff and students.  We provide many options to help support student wellbeing, with our Student Counsellor and Pastoral Support Worker organising and/or delivering many programs throughout the year to facilitate this.  We link with many DECD and private providers to support students who have additional needs with their social and emotional wellbeing.