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Built in 1952 for 500 students, 710 students were enrolled at Forbes on the first day. More than one hundred enthusiastic parents attended a public meeting on 12 March 1952 at which the first School Committee was elected. In 1953 an Infant School was established and a principal and deputy principal were appointed for both schools. By 1958 the combined enrolment of both schools was approximately 1800 children. This makes Forbes the largest primary school in the state ever. Student numbers have steadily declined since the 60s but are currently stable at around 300. It is anticipated that there may be a slight increase over the next few years with Children’s Centre on site.

The Forbes School community is diverse, drawing from a range of families who come from various linguistic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The community is justly proud of its diversity, its commitment to meeting the current and future needs of students and to participatory decision-making where staff, students and parents work together to meet our goals.