Department for Education and Child Development

Parent and Community Involvement

Forbes Primary School Governing Council is the main decision-making body in the school. All parents are welcome to attend Governing Council meetings to observe or contribute to an agenda item of interest. It is important that all groups of parents have a say so that the range of views held by parents in the school can be heard and discussed. Besides providing support for the school, the principal and other staff, the business of Governing Council includes:

The work of Governing Council is supported through various committees including education, communication and promotion, finance, sports, learning environment/grounds, OSHC, uniform and Parent Network (including fundraising).

Volunteers are an integral part of our school and we have a large number who generously give of their time and expertise. Their active participation in the work of the school is greatly appreciated and valued. Volunteer roles include sports coaches, assisting students with their learning (LAP), working bees, fundraising, supervising camps or classroom activities and excursions.

For more information contact

Forbes Primary School 08 8293 4343

Forbes Children’s Centre 08 8297 2264